Preparing for a run in warm conditions

In preparation for potentially warm conditions on race day we recommend that all participants in the Blackmores Half Marathon and Blackmores Sydney Marathon do some regular training in the middle of the day from now until event day to acclimatise as best as possible. We also recommend that you plan now for pre-event and on day hydration strategies. We recommend that you increase your intake of fluids substantially in the three days prior to event day.

On race day, we recommend that you drink adequate fluids before your scheduled start time. There will be water available at the start venue, but would suggest that you bring your own water bottle to ensure you can keep hydrated right up until start time. On course, you should stop and drink as much as you can at every single aid station. Even if it means you will get a slower time, it is far better that you stay hydrated and in the long run this will provide a better result.

Do not drink alcohol in the days leading up to the event and reduce intake of caffeine, particularly on race day as this could contribute to dehydration. If you feel the slightest bit dehydrated, dizzy, or unwell during the event – DO NOT PUSH THROUGH, THIS IS NOT THE OLYMPICS, IT’S A FUN RUN – STOP, drink, find first aid help!