Official Event Merchandise

Where can I purchase Official Event Merchandise?

Official Event Merchndise is available online up until [TBA]. After this date, merchandise can only be purchased at the ASICS Event Expo. For information on the Expo, click here >>

If I purchase my Event Merchandise online pre-event, when can I expect it to be delivered?

Stock is expected into store on [TBA]. Any orders made prior to this date will be received by [TBA]. Any orders made after this date will arrive within 5 business days from placing the order. (Note - the ability to purchase online merchandise closes on [TBA])

Can I exchange my Event Merchandise?

Yes, exchanges can be made at the ASICS Event Expo from the Rebel Sport stand.

Who can I contact if I have any enquiries about my Event Merchandise?

If you require any assistance or further information about Official Event Merchandise, please email

What sizes are available?

Note: all measurements are in centimetres.

Men's T-shirt
Chest circumference (across at underarm seams)96101106111116121126
Waist circumference (18cm down from armhole seam)9297102107112117122
Bottom hem circumference (at hem edge)9398103108113118123
Women's T-shirts
Chest circumference (across at underarm seams)7883889398103108
Waist circumference (18cm down from armhole seam)707580859095100
Bottom hem circumference (at hem edge)82879297102107112
Men's Singlets 
Chest circumference (across at underarm seams)9398103108118118123
Waist circumference (18cm down from armhole seam)889398103108113118
Bottom hem circumference (at hem edge)889398103108113118
Women's Singlets
Chest circumference (across at underarm seams)7782879297102107
Waist circumference (18cm down from armhole seam)717681869196101
Bottom hem circumference (at hem edge)83889398103108113

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