Sibling rivalry inspired Andrew to lose 40kgs and get fit. This year he will take part in the Blackmores Half Marathon.

Andrew Burrows – Sibling rivalry inspired Andrew to lose 40kgs and get fit. This year he will take part in the Blackmores Half Marathon.

“I love now being fitter than my brother and sister and bring it on if they want to go for a run - I’m not the fat slow one anymore!”

Andrew Burrows was sick and tired of being overweight and wanted to be a good role model for his daughters. He had never been the athletic type person which was hard in his family as his brother was a state running champion and his sister was a district cross country running champion.

“I wanted to be fitter then both of them,” said Andrew.

Originally he started to modify the diet a little and undertake a lot more exercise but in the end he undertook the Michelle Bridges program with his wife.

He bought a racing pushbike approx. six years ago and started to ride with a few friends and it has gone from there. He now has a newer pushbike and rides three times a week averaging approx. 40-60kms per ride. As part of this he thought about running and just got out there and did it. He started with 2kms and have built it further from there - now on average he run20kms per week.

He didn't have a personal trainer nor did he join a gym. Andrew said “To be honest I thought I can do this myself and I wanted to do this myself.”

He loves being able to buy clothes he thought he never could and actually fitting into slim fit clothes. “I also feel a lot better about myself. It is also really nice the amount of compliments I have received, that is probably the biggest motivation of all,” said Andrew.

Andrew reveals he has love hate relationship with running. “Whilst I really enjoy running now that my fitness levels are good I do still hate running when the legs are hurting. In those times I just tell the legs and mind to shut up and keep battling on,” he said.

He chose the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival because he has a friend who has done it before and he also wanted to run over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. “Pretty much the Blackmores Half Marathon sums up everything I have wanted to achieve in the last four years. I couldn't have dreamed of running 21kms four years ago and scoffed at anyone who would even suggest such a thing. Now whilst still quite daunted by running that far I am also very excited and going over that finish line with my wife and two girls standing waiting for me at the finish line will be a huge milestone in my life,” said Andrew.

Life for Andrew has changed dramatically.

“My life has completely changed since I started running, I now feel guilty if I don't exercise six times a week. I also now feel I am a great role model for my daughters. I would like to think that my positive attitude is passed onto them and the healthy life motto is continued in our family.”