Seven weeks to go until the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival (30 July 2012)

Australia’s most spectacular running festival is just seven weeks away and Australian marathon legend, three times Olympian and Marathon Guru founder and coach Lee Troop has some top tips for those taking part in the event.

  • If the training is getting tiring and you are struggling with motivation then run with a friend or group to gain more enjoyment and help get you through.
  • Stretching should be done before and after every run to help with flexibility and prevent injuries, it also makes the next day easier. Just sitting at home watching TV is a great time to stretch. Hold each stretch for 15 - 30secs and stretch each side twice. Your leg muscles – the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, shins and buttocks. Stretching is the key to recovery.
  • Your body may feel tired or muscles may be starting to ache more than normal. This is a good time to invest in a sports massage to help break down any problem areas and improve blood flow to prevent any injuries. If you have any niggle, don't self diagnose. Get it looked at straight away so you do not have to miss too much training.
  • Another great tip to help you recover from those long and tiring miles is to have an ice bath to help reduce any inflammation or swelling that may be developing.
  • As you do more training, you will feel more tired and it is better to run on softer surfaces to minimise the stress and impact on your body. Run on grass, gravel, dirt tracks etc. as this will help with injury prevention.
  • Make sure your shoes are appropriate for running. When you are doing the biggest part of your training, your shoes need to have great support and feel comfortable. 
  • Eat and hydrate with plenty of fluids both pre and post training to aid in recovery.

Access to free training guides for The Sunday Telegraph Family Fun Run (3.5km), The Sunday Telegraph body+soul Bridge Run (9km), Blackmores Half Marathon and Blackmores Sydney Marathon is available at when you enter the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.

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