Bridge Run Club

Event organisers will be acknowledging those runners who have completed 10 or more Sydney Marathons. If you have completed, or are approaching your 10th Sydney Marathon, please contact us. Please include your results (certificates if applicable) for your previous marathons.

Submissions for this year’s Bridge Club will close on Thursday, 28th July 2016.

The event organisers of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival would like to acknowledge our first Bridge Run Club member below:
Bridge Run Club
NameMarathon Years
David Cannings 2002 - 2005, 2007 - 2013

Please note:

The Blue Line Legends is an independent title separate to the Bridge Run Club, and acknowledges those who have completed every Sydney Marathon, consecutively, from the start of the inception of the Sydney Marathon till last completed Sydney Marathon. The Bridge Run Club is only for those who have, inconsecutively, completed 10 years or more.
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