Fundraising FAQs


What is the ‘Run for a Cause Run for Free’ Initiative?

'Run for a Cause Run for Free' initiative created in 2008 as a goal for those fundraisers whom may not have chosen to fundraise as part of their event. Research shows that fundraisers are motivated to raise more if a target is set. Both the event owners and each partnering charity have agreed upon the targets per event, and the initiative itself.

I require fundraising support/help, whom do I need to contact?

If you require support, for any fundraising related issues/questions, you will need to contact GoFundraise. Please check the FAQ’s on the GoFundraise’ website.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please raise a Help Ticket with the GoFundraise Customer Care Team.

What is the Rebate, and how to claim it?

The rebate, if claimed, is from funds raised by the individual, and not the event organisers. This is because there are significant costs involved in event production and management that the entry fee covers. For this reason, our online fundraising provider, GoFundraise facilitates the rebate process.

Your rebate can only be claimed post event as per the ‘Run for a Cause – Run for Free’ initiative’s terms and conditions.  At this time, a ‘Claim Rebate’ button will appear on your individual fundraising page (hosted on the GoFundraise website).

For more information on the targets per event, please click here.


I am a Charity organisation and I would like to submit a Charity application/tender.

Applications for charities have no closed for 2016. For more information or for an application form, for 2017, please contact