Start Groups

The start of the 2013 Blackmores Sydney Marathon

For slower runners, joggers or walkers it is important to be in the correct starting group. There are three groups in each race all seeded according to expected finish time. All prams and wheelchairs (except racing chairs in the marathon) must be in the final start group of the Bridge Run and Family Fun Run (C Group) only, this excludes the Marathon and Half Marathon. Your time will not be affected in any way as the timing chip will only record your time from when you cross the start mats to the finish line mats. This will allow you to enjoy the event at your own pace and provide you with the best possible end result.

NOTE: All four events in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival are seeded as described. However, when Group A is filled then your entry is automatically allocated to B. So enter early to ensure your preferred starting group is still available.

Marathon Bib Ranges
Start Group
Estimated Finish Time
First Last
Elite / Preferred

Male - sub 2 h 50m

Female - sub 3h 15m

A1 A150
A Group
Under 3h 45m A10000 A11400
B Group
Between 3h 45m to 4h 30m B13000 B15999
C Group
Over 4h 30m C16000 C17050
Half Marathon Bib Ranges
Start GroupEstimated Finish TimeFirstLast
Elite / Preferred

Male - sub 75m

Female - sub 85m

A GroupUnder 1h 55mA400A3499
B GroupBetween 1h 55m - 2h 15mB3500B6699
C GroupOver 2h 15mC7000C9699
Bridge Run Bib Ranges
Start GroupEstimated Finish TimeFirstLast
Elite / Preferred

Male - sub 35m

Female - sub 40m

A GroupUnder 50mA26000A31499
B GroupBetween 50m - 60mB32000B37499
C GroupOver 60m (inc Prams)C38000C43499
Family Fun Run Bib Ranges
Start GroupEstimated Finish TimeFirstLast
A GroupUnder 25mA18000A18999
B GroupBetween 25m - 40mB19000B21999
C GroupOver 40m (inc Prams)C22000C24999
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