Wheelchair Marathon Race Instructions

Blackmores Sydney Marathon - Wheelchair (race starts 7.15am)

Note 1 - Any wheelchair athletes in the Marathon competing with an expected finish time of 2hr:15min or less will be overtaken by the lead Marathon runner and must move to the left and give way to all other runners from the point when any runners overtake the wheelchair athlete.

Note 2 - Any wheelchair athletes in the Marathon competing with an expected finish time of 2hr:05min or less need to be very aware of the course and the various 2-way flows that exists.

Note 3 - The lead wheelchair athletes will also need to be aware that they will come into contact with the tail of the Half Marathon runners at;

1. Approx. 7.40km on Mrs Macquarie's Rd and may have up to a 19min overlap with the Half Marathon tail until they turn left at the north end of Hyde Park.

2. Approx. the 38km mark

Note 4 - Lead Marathon wheelchair athletes will encounter oncoming Marathon runners on their return back to the CBD along Flinders St and Oxford St. At the point of the Oxford, College, Liverpool and Wentworth intersection, there will still be a 30min Marathon tail exiting Hyde Park south. Marathon wheelchair athletes will be directed to slow down as they approach the bottom of Oxford St and either be directed to enter Hyde Park, keeping to the left of outbound runners, or Option B may be implemented whereby wheelchair athletes will cross the line of outbound runners at Flinders and Oxford Streets, then proceed on the right hand side of the runners to College St and use course; College St, across Park St, keeping left up to Prince Albert Rd, staying left and meeting back up with the 'normal' Marathon course at the north end of Hyde Park. The difference in distance -8m (normal course - 875m, Option B - 867m). Option B need to be well coordinated with the Police at Oxford, College and Park Streets as the Police will need to coordinate the holding of Traffic at Park St to provide the wheelchair athletes with an uninterrupted path across Park St. Any wheelchair athlete approaching Oxford St after 8.55am are to be directed to return back through Hyde Park regardless, as the Marathon tail will have reduced enough to manage 2-way flows at this point.

Note 5 - All competition wheelchairs need to be accompanied by an event cyclist. The event organiser will be working to find appropriate cyclists for this role or each wheelchair athlete may being their own cyclist if they have worked with them previously.

Note 6 - All event cyclists must attend a briefing session, Wednesday 18 September, 6pm, News Ltd, 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

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