Medibank Family Fun Run

Street by Street description
Start Line: On South Alfred St, 22m North of Fitzroy St intersection, western side of Bradfield Park, Milsons Point. Start seed groups A & B marshal along South Alfred St and Start Group C marshals in Fitzroy St (34m above sea level).
NOTE: Start window - each event has been allocated a 'Start Window', which is a specific period of time whereby the runners must cross the start line within this allocated 'window'. No one will be permitted to cross the start line after the 'Start Window' has closed. (Race time/Gun time - 0hr:25min, Day time - 8.15am). 
Start northbound up South Alfred St, Milsons Point to Lavender St round-about
Family Fun Run turn right at Lavender St round-about and onto Bradfield Hwy into lanes 1 & 2 of Harbour Bridge approach
Continue south along lanes 1 & 2 (Adjacent to Milsons Point Station)
Past north pylon Harbour Bridge and veer slightly left towards lane 4
Past highest point across middle of Sydney Harbour Bridge (approx.60m)
Past south pylon of Harbour Bridge veering left towards lanes 4, 5 & 6, then turn left to exit from Sydney Harbour Bridge and onto northern (left) lanes of the Cahill Expressway
Keeping left, follow the Cahill Expressway to end
Take a sharp turn left towards the Conservatorium of Music and the finish line just before Government House Gates (stay in left or northern lane on Cahill Expressway)
Finish: Conservatorium of Music just before Government House Gates
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