Medibank Family Fun Run

We are under strict directions from NSW Police and the RMS to ensure the total time set for each event is adhered to in order to reopen roads for public use. What this means is that we have to implement a series of cut-off points and redirections to ensure that the slowest runners don’t impede on our road re-opening schedule. 

Start window 

Each event is allocated a start window, which is a specific period of time when runners must cross the start line within. For the Family Fun Run, the start window is 25 minutes. No-one will be permitted to cross the start line after 8.15am (unless for some reason the organisers delay the start). Any athlete whose timing chip is activated after the start window and / or doesn’t activate their timing chip at the start line will be disqualified.

Will this impact me?

While there are no exact redirection points on the fun run course, you may be asked by officials to speed up if you are going too slow, particularly on the Harbour Bridge. No participant is allowed to stop for photographs on the Harbour Bridge. It is crucial that you observe this rule as it could mean you will be holding up the next event. 

Family Fun Run Course instructions
Participants to maintain 11min:48sec per km or better.

Note 1 - Any late Family Fun Runners will be redirected at Burton St at 8.17am to take the Pedestrian Steps and Walkway over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Macquarie St and then onto the finish line.

Note 2 - An additional hard closure will be implemented at Lavender St at 8.20am, whereby NO further Family Fun Runners will be permitted to enter onto the bridge at this point. Any Family Fun Runners arriving at Lavender St after 8.20am will be redirected to Burton St and take the Pedestrian Steps and Walkway over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Macquarie St and then onto the finish line.

Note 3 - There are no official cut-off points for the Family Fun Run however we ask that people keep moving at all times and do not stop on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as this may delay the start of the Bridge Run.

Note 4 - The Family Fun Runners will catch the tail of the Marathon around the area of the Cahill Expressway. Runners will be on the left hand side of the Cahill Expressway and must stay to this side. Marathon runners will be on the right hand side of the Cahill Expressway. All runners must follow the directions of Event Officials/Event Staff.

Note: there will be no drink stations on course for Blackmores Family Fun Run.

It is imperative that you clear the Sydney Harbour Bridge deck as quickly as possible. Please do not stop for photos.
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