Blackmores Bridge Run

We are under strict directions from NSW Police and the RMS to ensure the total time set for each event is adhered to in order to reopen roads for public use. What this means is that we have to implement a series of cut-off points and redirections to ensure that the slowest runners don’t impede on our road re-opening schedule.

Will this impact me?

Start window

Each event is allocated a start window, which is a specific period of time when runners must cross the start line within. For the bridge run, the start window is 35 minutes. No-one will be permitted to cross the start line after 9.35am (unless for some reason the organisers delay the start). Any athlete whose timing chip is activated after the start window and / or doesn’t activate their timing chip at the start line will be disqualified.

Tail control & tail pick-up

We will have a tail vehicle controlling the event cut-off time and event officials will also be located at each of the designated cut-off and redirection points noted below. Participants must follow the directions of event staff at all times and failure to do so will mean immediate disqualification and may prevent participants being allowed entry in future years.

Blackmores Bridge Run redirection point
    Distance Race Time Cut-Off Time of Day

Official cut-off time: 1hrs:30min - All participants are to maintain 10min:22sec per km or better. It is imperative that you clear the Sydney Harbour Bridge deck as quickly as possible. Please do not stop for photos.   

1 Prince Albert Rd and College St (redirection point). Runners redirected into Art Gallery Rd, missing the College St loop4.7km1hr:23min10.23am
2 At the exit from Art Gallery Rd. back onto College Street (under direction of course officials)
Any participants who do not reach the exit from Art Gallery Rd by 10.55am will be directed on to the eastern footpath north along Macquarie St and then directed to continue north (down) Macquarie St from bridge St. Any participants still on Art Gallery Rd will also be directed onto the footpath to complete the course after 10.55am.
7.8km  1hr:55min  10.55am
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