Blackmores Sydney Marathon

Street by street description
KMDSStart Line: On South Alfred St, 22m North of Fitzroy St intersection, western side of Bradfield Park, Milsons Point. Start seed groups A & B marshal along South Alfred St and Start Group C marshals in Fitzroy St (34m above sea level).
  NOTE: Start window - each event has been allocated a 'Start Window', which is a specific period of time whereby the runners must cross the start line within this allocated 'window'. No one will be permitted to cross the start line after the 'Start Window' has closed. (Race time/Gun time - 0hr:10min, Day time - 7.30am). 
  All courses proceed northbound up South Alfred St, Milsons Point to Lavender St round-about
  Marathon Course continues through the roundabout at Lavender St and straight onto Middlemiss St heading north
  Marathon continues north along Middlemiss St
  Turn right at Arthur St Tunnel and continue through tunnel
  Turn right again exiting tunnel and veer into lane 2 Pacific Hwy heading south toward Sydney Harbour Bridge
  Continue South leading onto Bradfield Hwy, past Lavender St and into lanes 1&2 of Harbour Bridge approach
1 Continue south along lanes 1&2: Bridge approach past 1km mark (Adjacent to Milsons Point Station)
  Past North Pylon Harbour Bridge and veer slightly left toward lane 4
2 Past highest Point across Sydney Harbour Bridge, then past 2km mark (approx. 150m south bound from the highest point on bridge)
  Past South Pylon of Harbour Bridge, keeping in lanes 4&5
  Continue south past Cahill Expressway exit (on left), toward southern Toll Booths
  Continue south along lane 5 Sydney Harbour Bridge toward southern toll booths, leaving bridge and onto start of Western Distributor
3 Continue through southern tolls in lane 2 on Western Distributor, and past 3km mark (approx. 150m after Toll Booths)
  Continue south along Western Distributor
  Make a right U-Turn through median, then proceed North on Western Distributor
  Continue north an 'up' slight incline along Western Distributor veering left, toward what we call the corkscrew
  Make a sharp left U-Turn at end of raised white medium strip, and 'down' into the corkscrew keeping to the inside lanes
4 Continue around the inside lanes (keeping right) in the corkscrew, and past 4km mark
  Exiting corkscrew tunnel onto the southern (right) lanes of the Cahill Expressway heading east (above Circular Quay)
  Continue east along Cahill Expressway, keeping to the right lanes
5 Keeping right, follow the Cahill Expressway around to the right on the 'Cahill on-ramp' then past the 5km mark
  Veer to the left from Cahill Expressway onto Macquarie St (City CBD) staying on the left side of Macquarie St
 1Past Drink Station 1 - Macquarie St, east side of road between Bridge and Bent Sts
  Keep to the left (eastern side) of Macquarie Place, past Shakespeare Place
  Turn left onto Prince Albert Rd
6 Continue to veer left into Art Gallery Rd, keeping to the left hand side of the road (2-way flow), then past the 6km mark
  NOTE: Redirection Point - College St and Art Gallery Rd. Runners to be redirected along College St (missing The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney loop). (Race time / Gun time - 1hr:01min, Day time - 8.21am).
  Continue along Art Gallery Rd and over land-bridge onto Mrs Macquaries Rd, keeping to the left
  Veer left and continue along Mrs Macquaries Rd past split in road, outside RBG Trust Offices, and make a clockwise loop around Mrs Macquaries Road loop
7 Continue along Mrs Macquaries Rd Past 7km mark, and keep left past the split in road on Mrs Macquaries Rd, toward Mrs Macquaries Point
  Follow road to the right and around past Mrs Macquaries Point
 2Past Drink Station 2a - Mrs Macquaries Point, 100m past U-Bend
8 Keeping left at split in road on Mrs Macquaries Rd and past Andrew Boy Charlton Pool and then past 8km mark
  Continue along Mrs Macquaries Rd, and up short steep uphill section back past RBG Trust Offices
  Returning over land-bridge and back onto Art Gallery Rd and past the Art Gallery of NSW
  Continue along Art Gallery Rd keeping left and then turn right into St Marys Rd
9 Then turn left onto College St, heading south at the 9km mark
  Make a right hand U-Turn on College St approx. 15m before William / Park St intersection
  Return back north along College St
  Keep left and veer left onto Prince Albert Rd toward the north end of Hyde Park (North)
  The Marathon Course turns left at the north end of Hyde Park, opposite Macquarie St and onto the Central Pathway south through Hyde Park
103The Marathon continues south along Central Pathway (Hyde Park) and veers left around the Archibald Fountain, then past the 10km mark, and past Drink Station 3
  Continue south, and cross the Special Event Bridge over Park St towards Hyde Park (South)
  Exit the Special Event Bridge and onto Hyde Park (South) toward the Anzac Memorial and the Pool of Reflection
  Turn left at Pool of Reflection, then an immediate right and along the path adjacent to Pool of Reflection
  Continue along this path past the Anzac Memorial on your right
  At the end of the Anzac Memorial veer left along diagonal pathway toward Oxford St to exit Hyde Park (South) onto College St
  Exit Hyde Park (South) at the corner of College, Liverpool and Oxford Sts
  Continue onto Oxford St (Darlinghurst) heading south east
11 Keeping to the left, continue along Oxford St, past Crown St and the 11km mark
  Make a sweeping turn to the right from Oxford St onto Flinders St heading south, and again keeping to the left
  Continue south along Flinders St past Albion St
  Turn left onto the south side of Moore Park Rd
  NOTE: Redirection Point - Flinders St at the corner of Moore Park Rd. Runners will be redirected along Anzac Pde, missing Driver Ave. (Race time / Gun time - 1hr:51min, Day time - 9.11am).
12 Continue along Moore Park Rd, past 12km mark
  Continue past Driver Ave along the southern lanes of Moore Park Rd, past Oatley Rd
  Continue east along the southern lanes of Moore Park Rd, past Regent St
 4Continue east along southern lanes of Moore Park Rd to U-Turn point, past Drink Station 4 (12.8km mark)
13 Continue east along southern lanes of Moore Park Rd, past Oatley Rd and the 13km mark
  Continue back west along southern lanes of Moore Park Rd, turn left into Driver Ave
14 Continue south along Driver Ave past southern bus turning circle and 14km mark
  Turn right from Driver Ave onto Lang Rd
  Continue west along Lang Rd then turn right into STA Bus Lane running parallel to Anzac Pde
  Continue north along STA Bus Lane parallel to Anzac Pde
  Veer right along the STA Bus Lane onto Macarthur Ave (SFS Bus loop)
155Continue along the bus loop past Drink Station 5 and the 15km mark
  Exit to the right from Macarthur Ave (bus loop) and back onto Bus Lane, heading north
  Make a left U-Turn at the end of the Bus Lane and onto Anzac Pde
 16 Continue south along Anzac Pde, past the 16km mark, adjacent to the northern end of Macarthur Ave (bus loop)
  At Lang Rd, veer left from Anzac Pde, diagonally across the intersection and onto Federation Way
  NOTE: Redirection Point - Anzac Pde / Lang Rd. Runners redirected to continue south down the bus lane, missing Centennial Park. (Race time / Gun time - 2hr:31min, Day time - 9.51am)
 17 Along northern footpath of Federation Way, travelling east toward Centennial Park, past the 17km mark
  Across Robertson Rd and enter Centennial Park through Robertson Rd Gates
  Approximately 100m after the Gates, turn right around the 'Egg-looking' sculptures and onto Grand Dr, keeping to the left, (2-Way Flow)
 6Continue along Grand Dr (keeping left), in an anticlockwise direction, and past the cricket oval and Drink Station 6
 Continue past 18km mark and turn left into Parkes Dr (keeping left)
 19 Continue along Parkes Drive past 19km mark, then veer left from Parkes Drive onto Dickens Drive
  Turn right onto Grand Dr
Continue east along Grand Dr past Parkes Dr and past the CP Restaurant and the 20km mark, Drink Station 7
  Continue along Grand Dr past Loch Ave
 Continue along Grand Dr, and then keep to the left opposite Dickens Dr (2-way flow), and the 21km Mark
  Continue along Grand Dr past Musgrave Ave
  Continue along Grand Dr and make a right U-Turn
22 Continue along Grand Dr keeping to the left, then past the 22km mark opposite Musgrave Ave
 8Turn left into Dickens Dr, then continue along Dickens Dr and past Loch Ave, past Drink Station 8
23 Turn left from Dickens Dr onto Parkes Dr heading south, keeping to the left (2-way flow), then past the 23km mark
  Continue south along Parkes Dr then turn right onto Grand Dr, keeping to the left (2-way flow)
 Continue along Grand Dr keeping to the left, and past the 24km mark (opposite Randwick Gate entry)
 Continue on Grand Dr keeping left, then veer left off Grand St past 25km mark
  Cross Robertson Rd then onto southern pathway of Federation Way
Continue along Federation Way, past Drink Station 9, then turn left into the Bus Lane southbound, keeping to the left (2-way flow)
  NOTE: Redirection Point - Anzac Parade / Lang Road at Drink Station 9 - Runners redirected onto Anzac Parade, missing the south Bus Lane loop. (Race time / Gun Time - 3hr:48min, Day time - 11.08am).
 26 Continue south along Bus Lane heading south parallel to Anzac Pde, past the 26km mark
  Continue along the Bus Lane parallel to Alison Rd, towards Doncaster Rd
  Make a U-Turn at end of the Bus Lane, just prior to median (opposite Doncaster Rd)
Return north along Bus Lane keeping to the left (2-way flow) and past the 27km mark opposite Tay St, and past Drink Station 10
  Continue north along Bus Lane then exit Bus Lane at Lang Rd
  Proceed diagonally across Lang Rd & Cleveland St continuing north along the eastern side of Anzac Pde, keeping to the left
28 Head north along Anzac Pde and past the 28km mark (opposite driveway to Sydney Girls High)
  Continue north along Anzac Pde, across Moore Park Rd and onto Flinders St
 Continue north along Flinders St and past the 29km mark (just prior to South Dowling St)
  NOTE: Cut-off Point - On Flinders St past the 29km mark, just prior to South Dowling St. Runner to be taken off the course and directed to the finish line. (Race time / Gun time - 4hr:17min, Day time - 11.37am)
  Continue along Flinders St, past Albion St, on approach to Oxford St veer right to the centre line of Flinders St just prior to Oxford St
 30 Veer left to proceed north along Oxford St, close to the centre line and past the 30km mark
Enter back into Hyde Park (South) at the same point as outbound course at the corner of College, Liverpool & Oxford Sts, past Drink Station 11
  Continue along path toward Anzac Memorial then turn right toward the Pool of Reflection
  Turn left at end of Pool of Reflection, then immediately right onto Central Pathway toward Special Event Bridge over Park St
  Continue over Special Event Bridge at Park St
  Continue north along Central Pathway, then veer left and continue past Archibald Fountain
  Exit Hyde Park (North) at Macquarie St / St James Place Intersections
 31 Turn left onto St James Place past 31km mark, then turn right up a ramp onto Queens Square
  Continue through Queen’s Square then down Ramp and onto Phillip St
  NOTE: Cut-off Point - On Phillip St at Half Marathon Drink Station3. (Race time / Gun time - 4hr:35min, Day time - 11.55am).
  Continue north along Phillip St then left into Hunter St and right into Phillip St
  Continue north along Phillip St to Alfred St, Circular Quay
 32 Turn left onto Alfred St, and past the 32km mark
  Continue along Alfred St and past the pedestrian footpath opposite Pitt St
  From Alfred St, turn right onto George St keeping to the right lanes
  Continue along George St behind the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA)
  Turn right from George St into the Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) car park entry, opposite Argyle St
Continue through OPT car park, past Drink Station 12
  NOTE: Redirection Point - At Cadman's Cottage, OPT, Marathon Drink Station 12. (Race time / Gun time - 4hr:48min, Day time - 12.08pm).
  Veer left at loading Dock to Campbell Cove Restaurants, at northern end of OPT
  Continue along Campbell Cove, past restaurant keeping left, (2-way flow), narrow area of course
  Keeping hard left continue around garden bed at the north end of restaurants, course restriction point, very narrow
  Turn left through pedestrian access way to Hickson Rd (after garden bed prior to Park Hyatt)
  Use new permanent curb and turn right onto Hickson Rd
 33 Continue north along Hickson Rd past Park Hyatt towards Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the 33km mark
  Under Harbour Bridge, keeping left (2-way flow), and continue along Hickson Rd, keeping left at all times
 34 Continue along Hickson Rd, past Pottinger Street, then past Towns Place, keeping Left (2-way flow), past 34km mark
  Continue heading south along Hickson Rd
  Continue south along Hickson Rd past Napoleon St (Hickson Rd becomes Sussex St)
Continue along Sussex St past Drink Station 13 and 35km mark
  Continue along Sussex St, across Erskine St
  Continue south along Sussex St, then turn right onto flyover at King St
  NOTE: Redirection Point - King St / Sussex St outbound. Runners redirected to return north along Sussex St, missing Pyrmont. (Race time / Gun time - 5hr:11min, Day time - 12:31pm).
  Keeping left at King St onto flyover
  Continue along flyover towards Pyrmont past Imax Theatre
 Veer left toward Harris St on-ramp, past 36km mark
  Veer left and continue down ramp onto Harris St
  Left into Harris St at Fig St
  Left at Quarry St
  Left at Pyrmont St
  Continue north along Pyrmont St under flyover
 37 Uphill on Pyrmont St then past 37km mark, between Allen & Miller St)
  Turn right around at U-Turn point on Pyrmont St, 8m prior to Pyrmont Bridge Rd
On Pyrmont St, past Drink Station 14
  NOTE: Redirection Point - Pyrmont St at Drink Station 14. Runners may be redirected along Pyrmont Bridge Rd, onto Pyrmont Bridge and over pedestrian walkways to re-join with the course at Sussex St and continue to the finish on pathways only. (Race time / Gun time - 5hr:28min, Day time - 12.48pm).
  Continue south along Pyrmont St, then veer left onto ramp and onto flyover towards City
 38 Continue along flyover towards City past Imax Theatre, past 38km mark
  Exit flyover at King St, keeping left, and turn left into Sussex St
  NOTE: Redirection Point - King St / Sussex St inbound. All runners are redirected onto the western pathways along Sussex & Hickson Rd, and from this point and time onward, all runners/walkers must complete the course on pedestrian pathways only, AND MUST STAY OFF THE ROAD. (Race time / Gun time - 5hr:38min, Day time - 12.58pm).
  Continue north along Sussex St keeping left, across Erskine St
  15Continue north along Sussex St under Western Distributor, past Drink Station 15
 39 Continue north along Sussex St and past 39km mark, opposite Napoleon St and onto Hickson Rd
  Continue along Hickson Rd past Towns Place on the left
 Continue along Hickson Rd, past 40km mark (at Wharf 4 overhead bridge)
  Along Hickson Rd past Pottinger roundabout
  Continue on Hickson Rd past Pier 1, then up ramp onto pedestrian footpath. Continue under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  Continue on footpath next to water, to follow pathway around the grassed area toward the Park Hyatt
  Onto wooden boardwalk in front of Park Hyatt and towards Campbell's Cove
 At southern end of Park Hyatt boardwalk, the course becomes 2-way and very narrow at Campbell’s Cove in front of restaurants towards OPT and past the 41km mark
  Up ramp and onto OPT round-about and veer right
Continue through car park at the rear of OPT and past Drink Station 16
  Veer left and up kerb onto OPT forecourt, continuing around, keeping large Fig Tree on runners left
  Continue past Fig Tree and South along pedestrian concourse parallel to Water (Western Circular Quay)
  Continue south along concourse towards Pier 1 Circular Quay
  Veer right and under Cahill Expressway towards Alfred St
  Turn left at Alfred St keeping on pedestrian footpath
  Along Alfred St footpath towards Pier 5 towards Manly Ferry
  Veer left back under Cahill Expressway onto concourse, East Circular Quay
  Continue along concourse next to Palm Trees
  Veer left at end of Palm trees and continue north along concourse past restaurants at East Circular Quay
  At the end of the concourse proceed up the ramp onto Sydney Opera House Forecourt
 42 Continue through barricaded finish Chute to finish line, past 42km Mark
  Finish Line: roadway into Sydney Opera House
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